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free estimates on all work performedWhen going through roof repairs or an installation, it’s tempting to keep your purse strings tight and choose the cheapest option. Do this plan instead.

Don’t Buy Fancier Material Than You Need

Naturally, some materials cost more than others. Don’t fall for premiums on shiny new or prestige materials. Do your homework about a sturdy basic material that fits your needs. It’s best to have a couple materials in mind before you speak with a contractor about an estimate, but asking them for suggestions is helpful, too.

Avoid Hidden Charges and Surprise Price Hikes On Work

Many quality roofing companies offer free estimates on all work performed. Careful of common scams from shady contractors who will try to over-charge you for estimates, work, or supplies that were not initially agreed upon. A good contractor will complete a thorough, accurate estimate and take the time to answer your questions.

Invest In (At Least Basic) Insurance

Yes, paying for insurance month after month seems counterintuitive to ‘saving money’. But consider your location. Do you live in a heavy storm area? Tornado alley? Lots of trees nearby? Heavy snows? Even 30% of all insurance premiums paid out in the United States have gone towards simple hail and wind damage. Storm damage repair and installation of a new roof is far more pricey than setting aside a little insurance money each month.

Take Advantage of Freebies From Your Roofers

Good roofers don’t just offer free estimates on all work performed, they’ll also incorporate incentives for maintenance. Look into complementary services offered by your roofers, such as gutter or roof inspections. Inspections should be done at least once or twice a year to catch problems early before they develop into bigger, expensive problems.

Book Roofing Work During Off-Seasons

Contractors and roofers, in particular, are most busy in late summer and autumn when people are getting antsy about winter. Booking non-emergency replacement or repair jobs in late winter and into the spring might mean faster service or lower prices.

This is truly the safest and most effective plan to spend the least amount of money on your roof over a lifetime. Handling work yourself can be dangerous or lead to costly mistakes, and neglecting your roof could lead to devastating damage to your home that not even an insurance plan will pay for. Be proactive and well-informed when working with a quality roofer and your roof will cause you minimal stress.

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