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roofing companiesTaking good care of your home can be daunting at the best of times. No matter how busy life can get, there is one thing you must always make time for. Your should clean your gutters a minimum of twice per year, but four times annually is better if your house is bordered by pine trees. This is because the accumulation of debris, gunk, and leaves can cause massive problems if not cleared from your gutters. Here are some examples.

  1. Gutter Damage
    Roofers know that cleaning out your gutters twice per year is a small price to pay to ensure they don’t become over burdened by the weight of the water and soggy leaves. If this happens, you gutters could bend or break.
  2. Roof Damage
    If your gutters become too heavy, they could either break from where they are attached, or the wood that they are attached to could snap from being weakened over time. If the latter occurs, you could be looking at one pricey roof repair. That’s only the beginning, as clogged gutters can overflow both over the side of your home, and back onto the roof itself. The water could then slowly infiltrate the roof underlayment and soak the wood, resulting in rot.
  3. Basement Flooding
    This is where the price of repair really starts to climb. Roofing companies have seen overflowing gutters cause water to accumulate around a home’s foundation all too many times. If there is even the slightest room for water to enter the basement, in this case, it will. This could cause water damage and mold, and could negatively affect your health.
  4. Foundation Cracks
    If your basement does flood due to overflowing gutters, any foundation cracks could become significantly more pronounced, resulting in further floods.
  5. Structural Instability
    The more water comes in, the more likely your home is to become structurally unsound. Too many foundation cracks from flooding could lead to the total collapse of your home.

If you truly feel like you don’t have the time to clean out your gutters, contact your local roofing companies to do it for you. The potential monetary and emotional damage you could face from something as simple as clogged gutters is not worth ignoring. Contact us for your gutter cleaning needs, we’re happy to make your life less stressful.

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