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Is your chimney safe for your family? You may not be able to answer this just by flashing a light on it. But you can call us anytime as we offer chimney inspection, cleaning, repair, and construction services all across New Jersey! At Top Notch-1 Construction, we offer a complete chimney inspection level 1 and chimney inspection level 2. If you are wondering which inspection you should choose, then we can help you in making an informed decision. Since the birth of our company, we are widely known for providing expert evaluation, repair, and construction facilities for all homes that are located in and around New Jersey.

Chimney inspection with camera  Hackensack, NJ

At Top Notch-1 Construction, we offer a complete chimney inspection level 1 and chimney inspection level 2. If you are wondering which inspection you should choose, then we can help you in making an informed decision. Since the birth of our company, we are widely known for providing expert evaluation, repair, and construction facilities for all homes that are located in and around New Jersey.

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What Is Covered In Chimney Inspection Service?

We recommend an annual chimney inspection because a chimney is required to be cleaned regularly so that it can function properly and efficiently. As chimney inspection is not a “do it yourself” project, we offer professional services to keep our customers safe. All our team members have enough expertise and adequate knowledge regarding how a chimney works and what could be the key problems in its performance.

With the help of chimney inspection every year, you can look for blockages and buildups in a chimney. We offer a complete evaluation of the interior and exterior of your chimney. It helps us in determining all the damages, obstructions, and other deterioration that may result in blocking the ventilation.

With our detailed chimney inspection, you will get comprehensive information about your chimney along with the colored pictures and reports of the inspection finding. Our chimney inspection level 1 and chimney inspection level 2 covers the following:

Details about your chimney and its components
Inspection of the chimney cap and flashing
Inspection of the exteriors of the chimney
Flue cleaning
Creosote or ash removal
Evaluation of Chimney caps and dampers

With our inspection services, we will also reveal the status structure, stability, leaks, and cracks of your chimney. On the basis of the state of your chimney, we at Top Notch-1 Construction will provide you all the services related to chimney inspection and repair.

How Often Should You Inspect The Chimney?

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The main function of a chimney is to eliminate blockages, soot, ash, and any creosote from the firebox, chimney liner, or smoke chamber. So, if you will keep the chimney clean and tidy, it will end up functioning safely because, in recent years, we have noticed that a minor buildup of creosote can result in a fire.

As per the guidelines of ChimneySafety Institute of America, a chimney should be well inspected before purchasing a home, and then in every twelve months, the inspection should take place. However, if you do not use the stove or fireplace on a daily basis, it is still suggested that you should get your chimney inspected yearly.

A timely chimney inspection is one of the guaranteed ways to increase the safety of your house and reduce the number of accidents. So, it becomes imperative for you to ensure that you are not trying to save money on chimney inspection costs. It is because, in the case of a chimney fire, you might end up having more physical and monetary losses.Therefore, as a responsible chimney repairing and rebuilding construction company, we recommend you to take our chimney inspection service once in every year.

What’s The Importance of Chimney Inspections?

Your chimney may seem to look in greatcondition from the outside, but you never know that inside, it may be hidingsome urgent and essential repairs. But with us, you can get your chimneyinspected at very affordable prices.According to the statistics and U.SConsumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), every year, 20 deaths and nearly25000 residential fires are recorded due to chimney fire. But with annualinspection and sweeping of the chimney, you can ensure that your chimney isworking safely and it is also maintaining proper operation.

You can call us today in order to let our certified chimney technicians sweep and/or inspect your chimney with professional and practical knowledge!

It is crucial for everyone who is planning to move into a new house to ensure that the chimneys are safe and secure. As a responsible buyer, you must know that home inspector are not mandatory to evaluate the interior flues of a chimney. Home inspectors do not provide inspection for all the internal components of a chimney because those parts are inaccessible and can’t be inspected during a regular home inspection.Therefore, chimney inspection falls out of the scope of home inspectors.

As per the guidelines of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a proper chimney inspection level 2, i.e.,a camera inspection, is essential “upon the sale and/ or transfer of a property.”

At Top Notch-1 Construction, we take absolute pride in informing our customers that we are equipped with all the latest video camera arrangements.It helps us in examining the state of your chimney with ease. Our modern camera allows us to discover and inspect all the interior and exterior components of the chimney and observe all the intricacies that are unapproachable to the naked eyes.

What Comes Under Chimney Inspection Level 1?

Chimney inspection level 1, 2, 3  Hackensack, NJ

If the venting system has not been changed in the long term and you want to continue using it, then you can take our chimney inspection level 1. In such a case, it is the bare minimum requirement as chimney inspection level 1 is suggested for a chimney under continuous service, under the exact same situation, and along with the prolonged use of the same venting system.In the chimney inspection level 1, our professionally qualified technicians will come and check all the easily and readily accessible parts of the chimney; it will cover all the accessible portions of the exterior and interior parts of the chimney and its connection.

Our technician will check all the basic safety of the chimney’s structure and flue. Not only this, but they will also reveal whether your chimney is free from all kinds of combustible deposits and obstructions or not. Our team of technicians will evaluate everything and serve a proposal of the requirements of the chimney before the chimney inspection level 1 close. It will take around 20 minutes to 35 minutes for our technicians to completely inspect your chimney.

Chimney inspection level 2 is essential when you are making changes to the system. It will include a change in the type of fuel, change in the shape, material, or in the flue, i.e.,relining or during the replacement or addition of an appliance of a different type. Moreover, a chimney inspection level 2 is required upon:

Transferor sale of the property
Inspection of the chimney cap and flashing

Not only this, but level 2 inspection is required even when an external event has caused damage to the chimney, which includes seismic events and weather events.Our chimney inspection level 2 is more of a comprehensive inspection as compared to chimney inspection level 1. Level2 includes all the services that are given in the level 1 inspection. Along with this, level 2 inspection covers all the reachable areas of the chimney, including its interior and exterior, also exploring all the accessible portions of crawl spaces, basements, and attics.

Our chimney inspection level 2 is done by video scanning in order to examine all the internal surfaces and liner joints that are incorporated inside the chimney or building structure.The technicians will provide a detailed analysis along with pictures and videos to state the requirements of the chimney before the chimney inspection level 2 finishes. It will take around 45 minutes to 60 minutes for our trained technicians to complete the inspection for you.

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You need of chimney inspection services?

We are specialized in Chimney inspection, repair, rebuilding, construction, and in all the related areas. So, you can contact us on 1-855-499-0077 and book an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Chimney Inspection:

Here we have given answers to some of the common queries that people have regarding chimney inspection level 1 and chimney inspection level 2.

What is creosote?

It is a highly flammable and tar-like deposit that gets stick to the walls and sides of the chimney flue. Creosote is formed due to the combustion of gases from wood-burning. It becomes imperative for you to remember that if creosote deposit continues to form up without maintaining regular cleaning and inspection, it can ignite and become a reason for a chimney fire.

How often should a chimney be inspected?

It is one of those questions which we hear and answer a lot. We recommend inspecting the chimney annually in order to maintain the safety and functioning of the chimney.

When should I clean my chimney?

Chimney cleaning is yet another important task because it ensures the normal functioning of it. Whenever you notice a minimum of 1/8 inch of deposit in the chimney, it is time for cleaning. Remember that with a yearly inspection, you will be able to evaluate whether your chimney requires sweeping or repairing. In some extreme cases, when the operator and the venting systems are dissimilar, sweeping would be needed more than one time a year.

Why should I go for a chimney inspection and cleaning in the first place?

There could be several reasons behind chimney inspection and cleaning, such as:

Due to the combustion process, an acidic material starts weakening the metal chimney or masonry, which can result in early damage
Buildup of creosote due to incomplete combustion process can result in a fire which may even spread to other portions of the home
When a chimney is used rarely, birds can form their nest in there. It blocks the chimney also leaves, branches, and twigs can block the chimney as well
Heavy winds and rain can also damage the functioning of the chimney

Can I clean and inspect the chimney on my own?

No, we do not suggest our customers to clean and inspect the chimneys on their own. It requires proper knowledge and equipment to inspect a chimney. All our technicians are well trained, and youcan easily trust them for all your requirements.

Will my place be a complete mess after a chimney inspection?

No, if you hire us for the inspection because before commencing the inspection and cleaning, our technicians will diligently place cloths to cover the areas (if requires), and a dual filter vacuum will be running during the entire process. It ensures clean air and the floor during the inspection and cleaning process. Before leaving your home, our technicians will clean everything to give you a nice and tidy place.

What is the duration of the inspection?

The duration of the chimney inspection depends on its level. But generally, the maximum time that we take is around 60minutes.

Can I use chemical cleaners for the chimney?

Chemical cleaners could be a useful tool as it helps in reducing the creosote deposit in the chimney. But make sure that you are using only chemical cleaners that have been permitted and approved by the Chimney Sweep Institute of America. However, if you have any doubt regarding what to use, then you can contact us anytime for advice. Along with you need to bear in mind that chemical cleaners do not replace a yearly chimneyinspection. Therefore, it should be used as a supplement only.

Are all chimney services the same?

No, all chimney-related services and companies are not the same. Unlike others, we are one step ahead when it comes to delivering satisfactory services. Every member at Top Notch-1 Construction holds experience and expertise because we only employ certified and professionally trained technicians in our team.

Book your annual chimney inspection with Top Notch-1 Construction today. We would be more than happy to serve you and answer all your questions!

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