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Autumn is coming up on us fast. Do you live in an area where you get to experience the beautiful fall foliage? The colors are so enjoyable, but the leaf detritus? Not always so enjoyable, especially for homeowners. Here’s how and why you should keep your roof area clear of fallen leaf and tree bits during the fall months.


Leaves blocking up your gutters can easily create annoying drainage problems. If the blockages get out of hand, the worst case scenario before the first frosts is some minor water damage. But if there are still leaf blockages in your gutters when snow and icy weather come? Suddenly you have a higher chance of ice dams, freezing damage, and dangerous icicles hanging over your sidewalks and entryways. Clear your gutters and invest in a leaf guard to prevent awful roofing damage.


Clearing piles and clumps of fallen leaves off your roof is extremely important before winter. Not only do leaves collect water that will sit on your roof and possibly cause damage, but piles of leaves can decompose and create patches of soil where weeds and mosses can grow and damage your roofing material. A roof rake or a leak blower can usually do the job just fine, but if your roof is particularly tall or you’re not in the condition to clean it yourself, call a professional. Trimming back branches that are close to your roof before fall hits is a good strategy to prevent leaf buildup in the first place.


If you have tree limbs hanging around your chimney, don’t light that cozy fireplace until you call chimney maintenance to clean it out. Natural materials like leaves and built-up soot clogging your flue and vents are a major fire hazard. Spread some awareness about it! Every year in the United States there can be as many as 25,000 chimney fires. Most of these are likely preventable. Remind your family, friends, and neighbors to schedule a chimney cleaning as cold months approach to keep their household safe from fire damage. Installing a rain cap or other protective covering helps keep chimneys clearer as well.

Got all that? Chimney cleaning, roof raking, and gutter clearing. The trifecta of healthy roofs in autumn!

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