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storm damage repair and installationThe roof repair Hawthorne NJ sees is typically not from giant hurricanes or raging tornados, but hail and wind can strike anywhere. Storm damage repair and installation are tools in the toolboxes of experienced roofers nationwide for a reason. Still, we understand storm damage is daunting for homeowners. When a storm strikes your home, do you know what level of repair you’ll need? Here’s a little guidance.

What’s the Extent of the Damage?

The most obvious factor: what’s the damage? Remember, you can’t see much damage from the ground. Typically an experienced hail damage inspector or roofer needs to check things out on the roof itself. You can get an idea from the damage you see on the ground; for example, if cars nearby are damaged from hail, hail damage is likely on your roof. If you’re noticing water seeping into your house, that’s a warning sign. Vinyl siding on a home can withstand winds as strong as 110 mph, so if they’ve sustained any visible damage your roof may be in danger, too. Tile roofs are far superior in standing up to wind than shingles, and yet they may be damaged by winds around 125 mph. Once everything has been inspected thoroughly, you can get an idea of any repairs that need to be done. If a few places on the roof simply have bruising or displacement of shingles or tiles, it could be a quick repair job. If major damage was done, partial or full replacement might be recommended.

What Does Your Insurance Pay For?

Because storm damage is an act of nature, the vast majority of home insurance should give you some assistance in paying for repairs. However, depending on the outcome of the insurance company’s inspection, they may only pay for partial repairs, not a replacement. On the other hand, they may offer coverage for a full replacement that you’re not sure you need. That’s where we consider our next criteria…

How Old Is Your Roof?

Storm damage repair and installation is a perfect time to consider the overall health of your roof. Is it aging? Will you need a new roof in a few years’ time anyway? If your insurance is offering to help pay for a full replacement, it may be worth accepting.

Remember, multiple inspections, prompt contact with your insurance, and consulting a professional roofer are key to making sure the damage to your roof is fully documented and understood.


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