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Even though winter is long gone, you still need to make sure you’re keeping up with chimney maintenance. Chimney cleaning and chimney repair are just as important in the summer as they are during every other time of the year. Here’s why.

Chimney Fires Can Happen

If you haven’t called your chimney repair and installation team for a thorough chimney cleaning yet, now’s your chance. Chimneys that are loaded with debris and creosote can create a really dangerous situation. Creosote is that tar-like substance that forms in the lining of the chimney. It’s highly flammable and can light up rapidly without any warning. The simplest spark from a firework or a flying cigarette can ruin your home. If a fire starts in your chimney, it can easily spread to your entire house and cause major damages. Chimney fires are responsible for up to $125 million in property damage annually. Even if you aren’t used to thinking about it during the summer, make it a priority this year.

Avoid Chimney Pest Infestations

When the chimney isn’t in use, pests of all kinds can make their way inside. If the chimney cap was damaged during the long winter freeze, spiders, squirrels, and bats can make their way into you chimney and take up residence. A chimney cleaning will help ensure your home is pest free.

Chimney Sweeps Aren’t That Busy

Chimney sweeps typically aren’t extremely busy in the summer as people would rather sit outside by the fire. So if you haven’t had a cleaning done recently, give your service a call as soon as you can. They’re trained to make the job run smoothly and will check for any problems that you might not have known about.

Regular Maintenance Will Improve Performance

If you have chimney cleaning done multiple times a year, the quality of your unit is going to improve. Have you ever noticed smoke flowing back into your living or family room? That could be because of a buildup within the chimney. Call your chimney cleaning service to get the most out of your unit.

If you have a chimney but don’t think it’s important to take care of it during the summer, think again. Much like the summer is the perfect time for roof repairs, it’s the best time to get your chimney cleaned and fixed up for future use.

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