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Masonry Chimney Repair and other brick related repair Salem County, NJ

Are you looking for masonry repair services? Well, if yes, then we at Top Notch-1 Construction have got your back!

Masonry chimney and fireplace are made with the help of various masonry and non-masonry materials. It includes mortar, concrete, brick, concrete block, stone, steel, cast iron, flue tile, etc. Most of these materials can get severely affected due to direct contact with water and/ or water penetration. If you are also having such issues with the chimney, then we can help you in fixing all your masonry-related issues.

Chimney rebuild Salem County, NJ

We Offer Top-Notch Masonry Repair Services in New Jersey
Irrespective of the condition of your fireplace and chimney, we hold the expertise and experience to assist you in all possible ways. Be it a small crack in the firebox or even a damaged chimney structure; our technicians know exactly to resolve the issue. You can simply trust us for delivering quality services.In the recent years, we have helped many people in New Jersey with masonry work. Be it bricks replacement, tuck pointing, crown repair, firebox repair, or any other side wall that requires masonry related repair; we can do it with all the attention.

As we are known as pioneers in masonry repair, you can trust us that your chimney and fireplace will be repaired and constructed with utmost care and diligence. We are proud of our technicians who perform their work with responsibility. We can ensure you that you will be happy with our services.No one should put their home in unskilled hands, therefore before hiring anyone for your next masonry repair, ensure that you are confident regarding the company that you choose. But, we can guarantee you that with our services, you will never regret your decision because all of our workmen possess the right and professional qualification along with a good amount of work experience in this industry. That’s why we can vouch for our services.

You need to repair chimney masonry?

It is important for you to note that chimneys are of two kinds, i.e., masonry and factory-built. But both of the mare made with stones and bricks. When these stones and bricks come in contact with rain water or when the water gets collected on the joints of the masonry chimney, it may freeze in a systematic manner. It results in deteriorating the reliability of the chimney.

It becomes significant here to highlight that all masonry chimney construction elements may suffer damage due to persistent contact with water. The construction materials lose their strength when the moisture penetrates into the masonry's intricacies; it ultimately causes a burden on the masonry chimney.

You must know that when water comes into contact with metals that are inside the chimney, rust may develop in the cast iron, sheet metal, and steel which weakens the metal and masonry chimney over a period of time. Water can damage the interior and exterior area of your masonry chimney; along with this, water penetration can also result in:

Cracked and damaged flue liner
Water stained ceilings and walls
Deteriorated metals and fireboxes
Rotted wood and damaged drywall
Falling of fragments
Severely stained chimney bricks and pipes
Inclined chimney structure
Decomposed external mortar
Water eroding foundation of the chimney

Masonry Repair

Repair chimney bricks Salem County, NJ

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Why you have a Chimney Leak?

Chimney crown repair

Chimney crown is known as the ultimate shield of masonry construction as it helps in inhibiting the need for chimney rebuilding and repairing of a fireplace. We at Top Notch-1 Construction repair chimney crowns as well because the crown is the uppermost part of the masonry chimney and helps in fighting against water damage. The chimney cap and chimney crown are two different components; the latter is a layer of concrete that stays on the top, which keeps the water away from the masonry chimney structure. But over the years, it may get damaged as well. When the crown is cracked or if it is not constructed properly, the water will seep inside the chimney. Depending on the damage, we can rebuild and repair the chimney crown.

Tuck Pointing:

Damaging of mortar joints is one of the common problems related to a masonry chimney. But we have its solution also, the best action to be taken in such a case is tuck pointing. Without attention, deteriorated mortar joints can result in structural collapse, which is a threat to your home. Our team at Top Notch-1 Construction possesses the skill, experience, and knowledge to perform tuck pointing.In order to protect the masonry chimney, tuck pointing is one of the necessary repairs that you may need. When you hire us to tuck point the damaged joints, you can remain assured of the integrity of the masonry structure. All the problems related to leaks and water damaged will be solved as it is a very cost-effective service that we offer at Top Notch-1 Construction.

Firebox Repair Services:

Our team of technicians is widely known for repairing fireboxes in New Jersey. The interior portion of the fireplace where the wood is burnt is known as the firebox. The mortar and firebricks that are used in order to construct the firebox are strong enough to withstand the high temperatures of this space. But with the passage of time, fireboxes become vulnerable to deterioration. It is always good to inspect the fireboxes on time and go for repair if you find any cracks or damaged mortar or bricks. Our masonry repair professionals are highly skilled in repairing and rebuilding damaged fireboxes. Whenever you observe cracked bricks or damaged mortar inside the firebox, contact us, and we will send qualified workmen to fix the issue.

Bricks Replacement:

When it comes to brick replacement, we like to begin with identifying the root cause behind the damage so that can you can get the necessary services. Brick chimneys and side walls are susceptible to water penetration, and after a period of time, it may require brick replacement in order to avoid huge losses later. In masonry chimneys, brick discoloration is one of the major issues that our customers deal with.With time, due to age, mold, water penetration, and dirt discoloration of bricks are normal. But it may not look good with the overall structure of the home. Often traditional cleaning methods such as pressure washing don’t give a satisfactory result. Along with the discoloration of the bricks, there could be several reasons for brick replacement. But you can trust our technicians as they will do their best to solve the issue.

How to repair chimney bricks Salem County, NJ

Masonry Chimney Rebuilding:

If there are extensive cracks and splits between the bricks and mortar joints, the repair procedure may need extra care and attention. But when the damage is unrepairable, we recommend our customers rebuild the masonry chimney. You can rely on our technicians as they have helped many customers in the past when it comes to masonry chimney restoration. Our workmen will see first whether a partial rebuild is required or a complete rebuild is necessary. On the basis of damage, we proceed with the rebuilding work. Firstly, all the damaged and loose bricks are removed until there is a strong masonry structure. After this, all the affected areas of the masonry chimney are rebuilt by placing new bricks and mortar.

Chimney Flashing Repairs:

You might have observed water stains on the walls and ceiling around the masonry chimney. The joints of the chimney and the roof may get vulnerable due to rain and water seepage. But with our chimney flashing repair services, you can easily get rid of this problem. Chimney flashing is used to construct a boundary that is resistant to the exposed moisture. The chimney flashing is required to work effectively in order to prevent water seepage into the home. When portions of chimney flashing have been damaged, our skilled workmen will repair the flashing by sealing it. Chimney flashing repair will prevent future deterioration in your home as a waterproof barrier will be constructed.

Why Do You Need Masonry Repair Services?

Masonry chimneys are constructed of brick and mortar. They are constructed to last for a long time and to provide an impressive architecture for the building. Only with proper attention and inspection, masonry chimney can last for several years. Due to this, it is significant for you to maintain and restore the external and internal parts of the masonry chimney. We recommend timely masonry chimney repair because it is an integral part of chimney maintenance. Not only it enhances the beauty of your home, but it also ensures that all the other components of the chimney are working efficiently. But you might wonder what the right time is to get masonry chimney repair services for your home?Therefore we have listed some tips that will help you in deciding when to schedule masonry repair services.

Why Masonry Chimney Requires Repair Services?

Due to rain, you might face see page issues in your chimney. The water starts seeping into the chimney through tiny cracks, which can degrade it after some time. This leakage issue is not a good sign and may result in huge losses; therefore, if you come across any seepage issues, then it is time to get it repaired.

Structural Problems:

Remember that no chimney will last you forever because some might have structural damage. The main reasons behind structural issues are erosion from water leakages, faulty construction, etc. A small crack in the masonry chimney can allow the issue of water seepage. Due to continuous contraction and expansion happens in the masonry, and it ultimately results in deterioration. The extent of damage can only be analyzed by trained technicians. Therefore, if you see any structural problem in your chimney, it is time to call us right away.

Mortar Joints:

Mortar joints are made of sand and cement, which becomes the major spot for water seepage problems in the foundation of the masonry of the chimney. Remember that failing to repair it may result in damage to a severe extent. These joints may become weak overtime, so whenever you observe that there is seepage, it may occur due to mortar joints.

Why Should You Choose Us?

If you want a clean and well-maintained masonry chimney, then you should contact us today. A damaged masonry chimney may affect the appearance and aesthetics of your home. In order to restore it, you can trust our qualified technicians, who are experts in removing all kinds of stains and unwanted blemishes from the masonry while reviving its appearance and keeping the stone, mortar, color, brick intact.

Working on chimney exterior Salem County, NJ

We Will Restore Structural Integrity:

Bulging, cracks, leaning walls, and crumbling mortar joints possess the power to damage the stability of your masonry chimney. In order to return the structural stability, you will need our professional help. Our workmen will repair and restore all the broken bricks with new ones so that you do not compromise with the durability of the structure.

We Will Ensure An Efficient Chimney:

Unlike others, we do not devalue your home by offering poor repair and restoration services. We have skilled and experienced restoration workers who know exactly how to perform their job in the right manner. Proper repairing using quality materials will ensure an efficient chimney that will last you for a long period of time.

We Will Help You In Increasing The Resale Value:

Most people look for a house that has all the facilities working in a proper condition. Therefore, before putting your house in the market for sale, you need to invest in masonry chimney repairs so that the home's overall structure looks more appealing. It will also help you in increasing the price because the buyers will not have to spend anything for chimney repair and maintenance.

Get Professional Masonry Repair Today!

Be it regular wear and tear to severe repair needs, there could be a multitude of reasons behind masonry chimney repair. If you require top-class services in New Jersey, then contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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