TOP NOTCH1 are your experts for chimney cleaning and repair in Hawthorne, NJ. Whether you need your chimney to be rebuilt, repaired, relined, cleaned, or capped, Top Notch1 has the experience and skills to complete your project quickly, and most importantly correctly the first time. Each year there are over 18,000 chimney fires causing loss to life and property. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that all chimneys be cleaned and inspected annually for safety. During a cleaning, our sweeps perform an inspection for any cracks of defects and provide you with an evaluation of your chimney.

CREOSOTE is the by-product of incomplete combustion of any fossil fuel such as wood, oil, or coal. When CREOSOTE builds up to as little as an 1/8 of an inch, it can ignite and cause a fire within the chimney. This can cause extensive damage to the chimney and surrounding structure. Some chimney fires create an updraft that can mimic the force of an airplane or train going through your home. Chimneys are built with the purpose to exhaust smoke and the harmful by products produced when burning fossil fuels, they are not built to contain chimney fires and their extreme temperatures.

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